Mandalorian Merc What color is raw beskar'gam


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Greetings all. I am starting my very first attempt at making a Mandalorian armor kit. It's not going to be based on any particular individual, but I would like to get the details right, so my first question is what color is raw beskar'gam. Is it the silver we see in the movies or would it be black like the iron it is? Just trying to get my starting colors set up.

Thanks in advance.


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According to Karen Traviss, the coiner of the term and creator of the concept, beskar comes in just about the full range of metallics, depending on what particular impurities might be in a particular ore vein. So everything from pale silver to dark bronze, copper or the metallic blacks and greys of lead and iron... Basically, her saying do whatever metallic color you want for the material and color scheme.