Video on how to make a chest plate out of sintra


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Well there wont be any way you could get the results I got unless you have the solid shapes.

I have notice people just take the sintra and bend it here and there, but it just doesnt look like the real stuff.

Me personally I've strived to get my armor to look as real as possible, that is why I started to make my own stuff. I never realized I had the eye for sculpting. You just have to want it and go for it.

try to sculp, you'll never you what type of skills you have until you try

I'm actually in the process of making my own armor and these techniques will help.

Although I do have one question... is there anyway I can form my Sintra cut-outs without using the "master molds"? Any suggestions on how I can get the bends and contours correct would be appreciated?



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i am trying to find templates that are big enough but i am having a hard time. i am also looking for the helmet plans as well. i am thinking abought making my armor out of cardboard or 5 galion plastic buckets any other segestions. i would also like to know how hard and how much it would cost to make it out of sintra. Thanks a lot soon to be vod'ika


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I've been wondering who it was on the boards who made that video. Seeker, you're a god! I can't thank you enough for making that video. It's helped me immensely.
I have to say though, you make it look so easy. Without those molds, I've found it incredibly difficult to get the correct shape with sintra. Hopefully, I'll be close enough (won't really know until they're painted and attached).

Thanks again bro!