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This is the dimentions for how much leather you will need for the vest.
EDIT** See below, the corrected vest pattern leather blocks are below under Zam I am's post 10/11/03.**

Do not use these:Vest Front 26"x16" (2 pcs)
Vest Back 26" x 20" (1 pc)
Flaps 14" x 9" (4 pcs)
Facings: Back neck 12" x 6" (1 pc)
Armhole Front 12" x 12" (2 Pcs)
Armhole Back 12" x 8" (2 pcs)
front neck 9" x 6" (2 pcs)
side lacing facing 15"x 8 (2 pcs)

This is also estimated for a person about a size 10. Or a medium.

So, I can't tell you how much square footage exactly, because all the pieces are different.
I might just go vinyl... this leather hunting is great, but wastes LOTS of leather and for an ungodly price, if we go with plonge.
If we did go with moncal's plonge cow leather, it would mean two hides. If it was 6.99 SQ FT X 19 SQ FT X 2 hides, then :eek: = $251.64 to 307.56 just for leather, not including sewing it together.
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Zam I Am wrote:

6.99 SQ FT X 19 SQ FT X 2 hides, then :eek: = $251.64 to 307.56 .

Yikes! Do we definitely need approx. 38 square feet for the vest? I take it this doesn't include the cummerbund? Have you approximated the cummerbund yet?

I may have miscalculated but from your dimensions above I'm guessing about 22 square feet. $7.00 sq ft. X 22 Sq ft. = $154.00 total (not including cummerbund)
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Ok, when I used this pic,
I printed it out, then I estimated using all the dimentions above. We need two hides. Unfortunately, it's not like regular square material, there is a LOT of "square footage" that is lost cause leather isn't perfectly square, like fabric is cut. So, when they say 22 square ft hide, it's only really like 14 sq feet worth of real cutting area.
Vinyl? I mean really, there is too much leather waste just for the vest. I have seen some vinyl, it looks exactly like leather and you can't tell the difference AT ALL. I can't imagine getting like 6 lamskin hides just to make a vest. We'll see. I mean my seamstress did it out of vinyl...

Or, better yet, why not, all the outside pieces = leather, and facings = vinyl?

just a thought.Actually, I heard that it's not good to mix fabrics due to consistency issues, some act different than others. Ie, some gather and bunch more than others when sewing. So, mebbe a bad thought? Any people who sew out there that can answer this question? vinyl + leather?

Edit** 8/1 I went ahead with ebinger brothers I got 4 white lambskin hides approx 35.5 sq. ft. at $122 shipped. If you want to do the same, call and ask for Peter. Tell him you are a friend of mine, and that you need enuff hides for the same vest dimentions that I gave him. He will then mark the backs of the hides with numbers corresponding to the vest leather dimentions above. He managed to get all dimentions barely on those four hides, but you should ask for 5 just to have enuff to test paint/make cumberbun etc. (i ordered another hide a day later) I am going to have the vest made by my seamstress, hopefully, it all works out, there was some problems with her pattern right now due to sewing on such thick vinyl. She couldn't get some of the seams/panels to line up correctly. I will see her tomorrow. The lambskin is actually a lot thinner and pliable than vinyl. So, final patterning might wind up being off of my leather vest.
Thanks again ZIA!!! :D :D

Have you decided what size eyelets are used on the vest? Are they brass? *They look like they've been dragged through a dirt-pile - like the rest of Zam's costume! :D *
Another question...

Is there an item number or anything we need to specify when we order the leather from Peter at Ebinger Bros.? You mentioned one earlier on a different thread re: the vest leather - but I'm not sure if it is the same one you ordered here or not. I don't want to make a mistake on this...

I am gonna snag a piece and try to paint it first to see if it takes the paint ok. You might wanna wait on purchasing, but Peter knows me and all the stuff that I have purchased, if you say white lambskin, and the dimentions I gave him, you'll be fine. JUST DON'T ORDER the pig suede chamois for the veil/mock hood - it doesn't dye well. For some reason it worked on my test piece, but the ordered one was aweful, didn't take color very well at all.
Okay... I'll wait on the lambskin then.

Strange on the test piece... did you do anything different? Did you try re-dyeing it?

On the eyelets... I agree, I think they're copper. I've seen some someplace.. now... just to remember where. Small teeny-tiny ones are easy.. but these are larger. Lemme look around. :D

*edit* Well - I have 1/8" eyelets already - and they look too durned small. I think they're 3/16. I don't see how lacing could be threaded through the 1/8."

You should be able to find copper 1/8" eyelets at Michaels/JoAnn or any scrapbooking store. $3 for 100 or so. I'll have to go look and see if they have larger ones available.
Okay... found out what the deal is on those eyelets.

In the SEWING Dept. the eyelets would be 1/8". In the SCRAPBOOKING section the eyelets would be 3/16". Apparently they are measured differently *I don't know why* I think they must measure the center hole in the sewing eyelets and the whole eyelet for scrapbooking.

Don't think there is much difference in quality... and the scrapbooking eyelets generally have more color variations available - if you can find them in the 3/16" size.

So... we were both right ZIA! :D
Actually... a scrapbooking store would be more likely to carry them. I went to JoAnn's today and they didn't have them. Too blasted hot to go anywhere else.. 112F!!! *need a sweaty withered pathetic icon to go here!* :D Michaels might have them, they generally have more of that sort of stuff - but you may end up having to buy a whole bunch of different colors just to get the copper ones.. if they have the 3/16" size...
Okay DCB - Zam I Am and I are asking your professional opinion on the eyelet color. Are they copper or are they an antiqued brass or something else alltogether?

In some pictures they look one color... in other pics another color. Are they Clawdite eyelets? :D Y'know.. changing colors all the time or something? ;)
Here are Maul Maus's generous eyelet offerings. Thank you so much for sending em, wow our zam family is so awesome ain't it?! We need pick one right away... so is it copper, brass or antique brass?

I am sooo leaning toward copper with purple airbrush... Any other opinions?
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