VEST MATERIAL "Tackle Twill" 2nd Order


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(RUN CLOSED) VEST MATERIAL "Tackle Twill" 2nd Order

This thread is being started for the 2nd. bulk order of the accurate "Tackle Twill" Vest material.
The first order went well and at this time most have gotten their material from the first run.
Here is how it works I need to order a minimum of 25 yards to place the order.Once the 25 yards is reached I can order more in 5 yard increments.
The run will remain open until at least the minimum of 25 yards is reached and like last time maybe a few days more to see if anyone else wants to jump on.

The price is 7.50 a yard and 8.00 shipping.My paypal is:

Now please read this when making your payment please mark payment as
and please add your TDH name and
yardage ordered.
Also remember I wont order until the minimum quantity is met so if you pay right away it still may be a week or a month before there are enough people before I can order.
Also it takes approx. 2yrds to make a medium vest...I would order 1 yard over for each size up.Only because we cant order half yards.For neckseals order 1 yard up as well. They dont take a full yard to do but again cant order half yard unfortunately.
Any question please post here.I wonjt speak for Batninja but im sure he would do some vests as can I i can also do the neckseals and ankle spats etc.

Not to be a pain but if you want to order a vest or neckseal please make a seperate payment.

Allotment list:

Seven: 5 yards (paid Via Paypal)
Bobamaker: 6 yards (paid via Paypal)
Protofett: 4 yards (paid via paypal)
Tuskeny21: 6 yards (paid via paypal)
propsculptor: 8 yards(paid via paypal)
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I am getting one of batninja's vests used from the cargohold so I won't be ordering enough for a vest, but I may be interested in getting 1 yard for a neck seal. I'll let you know soon.


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so i did a search for tackle twill, that's the same stuff they use for numbers and names on sports jerseys.


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As before, I will be more than happy to sew vests for folks. Here's the sizing and pricing info:

The price will be $60.00 USD per vest, shipping included. I prefer PayPal, but will also accept money orders (no personal checks!).

I offer these vests in four basic sizes: M (38-40), L (42-44), XL (46-48 ) and XXL (50-52). In other words, if you wear a Large T-shirt, then a Large vest should fit you fine. I’m using 1 ½” Velcro for the closure, so there is plenty of ‘wiggle’ room for individual size adjustment. At this time, I am NOT doing custom orders.

The liner is made of a standard bottom-weight fabric, usually grey or white, depending on whatever I have available. The sleeves are quilted with 3/4" stitch lines, and the front side of the vest is padded.

I do not add strap-holes or Velcro to the vest, as many people have different preferred attachment methods. These alterations can be done by most any local seamstress or alterations shop.

I also offer these either WITH or WITHOUT the lower jet pack attachment cutout. Please specify which you prefer when you order.

I apologize, but at this time, I do not produce neckseals.

PM me with any questions!


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so i did a search for tackle twill, that's the same stuff they use for numbers and names on sports jerseys.

Correct you are....i called tons of places trying to find this stuff i found several that carried it but only a few that would sell yardage. Some were insanely priced I personally even think 7.50 a yard is steep and thats wholesale price. oh well better thans some of the places i checked which were for the same stuff were upwards of 16.00+ a yard....


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Ok this run is closed thanks to all who purchased. Ill place the order Tomm. DEC.3rd.
Also All who purchased please lmk where to ship it to...Meaning if your having BAtninja make the vest or you want it shipped to yourself or if it satys with me.lmk thanks-Jason


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Ok I havent posted on this yet ...the material is not here was "IN STOCK" at the time I purchased it or so the sales rep said.I was told this week it hasnt arrived as of yet....:angry
Its too bad this place cant get their act together cause id order alot more from them...I know most of you on this run are waiting patiently and dont really need it right away biut I did have one person who wanted it for x-mas and to him I appologize.I had some left from the first run for myself which i sent him to fill his order partially but even that ended up not showing up as of yet...this stuff is cursed.
Anyway thanks for waitng patiently...Funny thing is they charged my card the same day i called in the order...didnt take them long to get my money.
If I do this again I will either go with a different company or order it myself and when it gets here in my hands then charge people if they want some that way we know its here.


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Thanks for the update. I am not in any hurry to get it right away. I just finished moving (kinda) so I do have a new address, I cannot recall if I provided you with the new address or not.
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Thanks folks...Like I said if I do this again Ill just buy it with my own money then once its here divy it up if people want some that way no ones money including mine is held hostage for a month...


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Well I called them first thing this a.m and they said that it did finally come in and ship out.They said I should have it by the end of the week.....
Thanks to everyone on this run for your patience...
I most likely will NEVER do this again...and if I do it def. wont be with these guys..or if I decide to do it Ill put up the money out of my pocket to buy bulk then once it shows up and is in hand Ill then divy it up to anyone who wants some.-