Vest Coloring ?

Hey guys

I got my vest and its a bit darker than the actual vest that Boba Fett wears. Instead of being that light grey color its a sort of tan color. I've tried washing it with bleach but didnt have any affect on it. Is it possible to dye something from a darker color to a lighter color ? Any suggestions at all on how I can solve this ?



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I could be wrong here but doesn't ROTJ have a tan/ivory sort of vest.
And if the bleach didn't work try a rit color remover. Some fabrics are bullit proof and won't budge an inch due to the fabric content or a treatment that may have been added to the fabric for what ever reason.
Cotton is always the most user friendly.
Hope that helps.

Darth Mule

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the rotj vest is a very light grey. Not a tan as some think. They're all shades of grey really. I would almost call this a lost cause. If bleach doesn't remove any of the color it is likely that you're dealing with a synthetic fiber. Most synthetics are basically colored plastic woven into cloth, so you can't bleach the color away.


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Hey Nocturn,
I don't think a fabric paint would work. The only other suggestion would be to try spray paint. The Fabric paint is rather thick.
I don't know I'm at a loss on this one.
But after going to FIDM and seeing the Fett on display first hand, I'd say tan.
Take a look at the photo in this thread.
I think Darth Mule is confusing ROTJ with ESB.
I'm doing an ESB and I know its grey.
If you have any other ?'s lmk.
P.S. Did you try a color remover?