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Hmmm Interesting. Well she found some guys there that would be able to cast alluminum parts. for the blasters. Just needs models to make the castings from. or even take the whole blaster and cast it. like the new hasbro blasters I can pick up cheap for the TK and they are real good except a few mods which we are making here with the 501st dudes. then take the gun and mold it and cast it in AL. or resin if that would be lighter/cheaper. But the guys that do much of that was worried about TM and Copyright things. Which I guess a kit may be better way of going on that anyway. now the boots are not going to be an issue just have to find the right cobbler. and the suits would be very easy esp. the fett jumpsuits. and we could have them tailor made to you. the blaster that I have was discovered to be a recast which is tough to avoid in this day and age. But it is resin and the pistol part busted. So I am seriously thinking of sending it to them and have it cast in AL and the greeblies also. and the stock they can make out of wood with ease. if that goes well then we will let you all know.

Thanks Soilman

I'm still interested in the boots (mine are wearing down) and blaster "parts" in aluminum... if you can make the ESB blaster "scope mounts," I would definitely buy a set...(y)
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