Verpine Sniper Rifle

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I've seen a couple people making they're interpretation of what Verpine rifles and pistols may look like. I was wondering if any of you have made one and would like to share your photo's with us-and any tutorials or the like you'd like to include. I have plans for one in the future but I need to finish what's on the table (armor, helmet, gauntlets) first. It seems that the Verpine was a weapon used be as many true Mandalorians as have been mentioned in the SW EU. With my creating a custom Mando, the Verpine seems to be a perfect match for me-and other Mandalorians...I hope to see your Verps in the near future!



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I'd love to see more Mando's with the Verp. To my knowledge, I believe there are only 2 people who have made a Verp, MandoSniper and I. Mine is a more simplistic version, because I didn't have a whole lot of woodworking skills. I plan on remaking it completly, making it a bit bulkier, with added greeblies, a scope, and generally making it look a bit more professional like MandoSniper's.
wait what is a Verp Sniper?.... i mayself will be moding a DC-15 but am up for a change in weapon, if this thing is as coo as it sounds


its a large bore projectile gun that litterally shoot anyhting that can fit in the barrel, in i think the novel triple zero they made mention that you could even load it with literally a hand full of rocks. the projectiles are stackable in the barrel if i remember right. there short but get the job done. you can do the oprional folding ore detachable stock that were referenced also in triple zero ( unless im thinking of the verpine shatter gun???). please anyone correct if im mistaken or have more to add. hopefully once my armors done ill get back to my verp.


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for an accurate picture reference, The first pic and info for the verpine shattergun (a.k.a your verpine snipers rifle) is found in Star wars galladinium's fantastic technology guns and gear for any occasion, West End games 1995. Unfortunately the book is years out of print. Let me see the pic and info is on page....91. IF it is a rifle then some creds were spent in putting a stock on it. Referencing the Traviss books it is indeed the same weapon by description. I is not an easy build though after I get my helm and backplate I will begin my own but I will start with small copper pipe for the barrell then I will probably have to go to pvc for the barrell tip.
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if your wondering what mandosnipers looks like go to and search for verpine sniper rifle. its a very well constructed concept of the gun.


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These are some verpines that I've found from various sources... I have to say though that Ram'ika's is the best Verp I've seen so far. However, I'm also designing and will quite probably be distributing a Verpine assault rifle to go with all those verpine sniper models floating around out there. My particular mando will be carrying one of my Mandaverps for sure... and so will a few other mandos from my clan. Anyhow... enjoy!