Velcro Glue

I used Industrial Velcro with the sticky-back surface. That stuff will NOT come off your armor!

Head out to Home Depot or the like...
:confused Are you asking what glue to use to glue the armor to your vest, glue the velcro to your vest, or glue the velcro to your armor?
I used sticky back Industrial Strength velcro.
I put the hard side on my armour, and I sewed the soft side of regular velcro on my vest.
I got this kit of white industrial velcro at BJ's wholesale club with 20 feet of it and 14 of industrial velcro stickers for $7.99 I think it was a pretty good deal and it's very strong
You definately want to stay away from the cheapy, dollar store variety of velcro as the tape peels right away from the velcro. If you don't trust the sticky backing of the industrial stuff, you can get the sew-on kind at most fabric stores (it comes in rolls) and glue it to your armor.

GOOP is a great glue for sticking velcro to cloth, but it seems to take forever to dry on anything solid. Superglue will do the trick if you prep the armor first with a rough grit sandpaper. If the surface is smooth, the possibility of it popping off is likely. I have also had pretty good luck with Elmer's ProBond, but you have to keep an eye on it because it expands as it dries. You'd definately want to clap the velcro into place.
I bought some velcro that is half and half, the hard end is sticky back and the softer side sew on. Can I put GOOP on the glue of the hard side? The industrial velcro I have is sticky back, have you guys sewed that on your vest as well? I know it is not easy to sew thru that sticky stuff.

I plan on getting my vest back this Sunday and attaching the armor this Monday (finally!!! (y))

Thanks for all your help, guys! :D
I did the same the first time I attached it to my armour, I used GOOP. It took a few days to fully cure, but it held like you woudn't believe.
I've used the industrial strength on my armor for over 2 years now. I didn't use any glues, just stuck it on. Make sure you let the adhesive set up before putting it to use. Also, I don't recommend trying to sew through the sticky back velcro, your needles will get all gummed up. I used a clear fabric glue to glue the industrial strength velcro to my vest and that has held up well too.
Like some of the others, I too added glue to the industrial velcro that was to be stuck on the vest for added strength. I used Walther's GOO contact cement, and those pieces of industrial strength velcro are still holding after 5 + years of doing events with that suit!
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