VElCRO ROTJ gauntlets


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hello all!
time ago i saw a photo about the screen used costume that shows gauntlets are closed with velcro, is there anyone can link me that photo? thanks :)


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Some examples of the AoSW/C-IV (or ROTJ SE) exhibit gauntlets:

Boba-Fett-Costume-CIV-052807D-43.jpg Boba-Fett-Costume-CIV-Britt-040.jpg Boba-Fett-Costume-CIV-Britt-205.jpg

And from the MoM/SWtE (or ROTJ) exhibits:

Boba-Fett-Costume-MoM-061602-199.jpg Boba-Fett-Costume-MoM-080701-106.jpg Boba-Fett-Costume-SWTE-020509-032.jpg Boba-Fett-Costume-SWTE-082209-48.jpg

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Its only really HALF...with velcro...the other side is they kinda clam shell but without a hinge.