vacuum forming

Gandhi said:
what site is a good place to purchase styrene sheets?
Not sure what country you're in, but I get mine through a local signwriters. He gets in styrene or ABS and puts very little markup on - 'cause he's a sci-fi fan. :) Might be worth calling in and checking out your local sign place. Phil
ABS is really your only other option for a good vacuum forming material
I am also building A vacuum form maching and I have been looking this kind of stuff up so if you need any more help feel free to pm me with questions
Gandhi said:
what would be a good substitute fo styrene?

Styrene. Styrene. Styrene. :D

Seriously, start with styrene, it's much more forgiving and gives sharper details with lower vacuums and has a larger tolerance of heat, whereas ABS needs a lot more vacuum and goes too close to overheating too easily. Move on to ABS once you've made some stuff with styrene.

Anyone else agree with me on this?

Even if styrensheets used for vacum forming often are thinner than ABS you can always strenghten them up with some fibreglass i guess... sometimes will mark lower then styrene, depending on the economy, but its clear, looks like acrylic but forms like styrene...might look into it
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