Using wet foam blocks for mold making

Im going to try to use those green foam blocks called wet foam. Its that crumbly green stuff found holding up fake flower arrangments.

Its very cheap and found at walmart, it takes shape even via a finger poke. So it should be easy to form into guantlets and to make a negative out of.

I also picked up some foam cones, to make the rocket out of, all cost me about 10 bucks at walmart in the fabric section.
there is carveable foam you can buy at prop supply stores,i found some up here in canada.they sell all kinds of prop and molding supplies.if you are interested let me know.

just my 2 cents worth:rolleyes



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What I have used to fill holes is Fiberglass epoxy resin. It stinks, but it is thick and cures to a sandable surface. Just paint it on over the foam then sand it down. Repeat until the surface is smooth. I have been doing this to my EpII sculpt now for the past few months.



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I used that kind of foam to form the upper portion of the grips and part of the sight on my scratchbuilt DDC Defender. I coated it with plain ol' 2 part, quick set, epoxy, sanded it smooth, and filled any low spots with spot putty. The sections outlined in green on the second pic are the parts made out of the foam. It worked out pretty well.



well they are switching my work schedule to graves, so my jango project is gonna take a nose dive for awhile. Its hard to work on your project when your working or sleeping all the time.


Ill keep you posted on any progress I make though.