using sintra for a helmet?


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Forgive me if this seems a stupid question...
I've been desperately searching the web for SOME SORT of tutorial on how to use Sintra to make the helmet. For my first build I used craft foam covered in worbla, which was a method suggested to me by friends who are armor makers for cosplay. I hated the look of it, and then found that most of the Mandolorian Mercs use Sintra. My question is, how do you get the dome so smooth? What is everyone using to cover your domes with to hide the seams of the darts? I'm a very visual learner and can't find a single video tutorial or even photographic tutorial.

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated.


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If you're planning to wear the helmet very much, then I would recommend Bondo which is an automotive body filler. It's what most people are using for wearable scratch builds. You could use spackling paste, but its pretty soft and will dent easily. If you go with bondo you will need to buy a good respirator which you will find in most home stores Like Home Depot or Lowes...Bondo fumes are toxic.

You will need to spread the filler in roughly 1/8"/3mm layers...filling in the gaps as you go...sanding in between the layers. You could put on a thick layer and sand that down, but I find this more difficult to control the shape. Just take your time.

It really takes some patience. You are basically sculpting the dome. When you get done it may look a little lopsided or lumpy...just apply some filler to the low spot and sand.

I you go with bondo there are quite a few videos showing the basic usage (although not for a Boba helmet) for example...this guy bondoing a pep halo helmet also search working with bondo

edit...I found some pics of an old sintra build with bondo in the dome.
0721152033.jpg 0721152303.jpg 0721152151.jpg 0725152049.jpg 0725152049a.jpg 0802151510.jpg
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