US medium green?


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Ok, I know I painted my chest/belly armor. I went and bought some acrylic green from a local craft store. It was Hauser Medium Green I believe. It looks pretty good, but I am already not liking the fact that its a little off. I want to repaint it, before I start on more pieces. Is this the stuff I want to get-

I also want to use the right yellow for the trim. Might as well do this stuff right the first time, er second time, or I will never be happy(y)
That's the very stuff I used on my helmet, only I used the spray can version. It came out kind of olive drab looking, but it really doesn't look too bad. There's a thread in the helmet section that I posted a few pictures in, the colors are pretty accurate in the photos.


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Does anyone know if the Floquil US Med Green and Testors Model Master US Med Green are the same color? The Testors comes in spray cans, so it would be a lot easier (for me) to apply if they're the same.