Updating Jangouri -> 3.0


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Sup guys! I would like to show you what I've done with my 3.0 updating till now, and what I'm gonna do.

The new Items I'll add to my 3.0 and final (yes! This time is true! :lol: ) version, are:

->> From:
1 - BKBT 2.0 Helmet SOLD
2 - Starfortress Flak vest SOLD
3 - Leather gloves - SOLD
4 - Kenneth Cole boots with some spoiled sole - SOLD
5 - JD Armor - SOLD
6 - Cotton Girth Belt - SOLD

To -->
1 - Original helmet cast - FP CC Helmet
2 - New Flak Vest - LoanStar vest
3 - Nordstrom gloves - Shown in pics
4 - Reinone Boots - Shown in pics
5 - BKBT 2.0 armor, shoulders and collar. Top Chest armor shown in pics.
6 - New Girth Belt

- Some Nordstrom gloves's pics



It's awesome how close they are to the originals:


- Reinone finished boots:




- BKBT 2.0 Armor. This is what I have done at the moment. Light is not as good as I'd like, I hope to can make some DayLight pics soon:


I've even respect the original zones, trying to make it as close as posible:


That's all at the moment. I'll post new pics as soon as I have something to show :)
Can't wait to receive the Original Cast Helmet and start working on it.

Hope you like it!!! (y)
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Thanks Bud :)
What I also love is the armor, is one of my bests weathering jobs. Can't wait to finish this version!
Looking great, nice work on the BKBT armor!

What did you use to silver the boots?
Rub-n Buff, Silver Pen, paint?

Top work,

Absolutely awesome job ... especially with that weathering! And great job with the RnB as well ... I can see your reflection through the armor!:lol:lol::lol:
That works or any other number on them. I am just trying to track down a pair. The pair I have now is a 1/2 size to small.
Thank you guys!

Now I'm gonna modify the AB plate wich I'm not happy enough

I'll Keept this updated :)
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Thanks for the words cylrul :)

Well, I've already modified the AB plate. I've cut a bit the top part, and I've extended the sides with two small sintra pieces.



I think now It looks more accurate and more in proportion (I found it a bit small), But I also think I should cut the top a biiiit more, changing also the angle a bit, what do you think guys?


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