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Hey all!

Here's the progress I'm making so far with my scratch build pack. It's coming along smoothly, if slowly! Let me first commend Wizard for creating these blueprints! What a tremendous help to the community! Instead of searching countless hours, days, months, etc. for the same shape/size parts, it's actually very easy to build them from sheet styrene. Both myself, and KahunaFett are building JPs this way with little trouble. Here are some pointers: 1. Buy the .60 thickness sheet styrene. (about 1/16) It cuts easliy with a matknife or scissors. You'll shoot yourself with anything thicker! 2. Crazy glue does not work very well. Modelers super glue from Michaels works better, but set-up time is longer. It's solvent based, and melts the plastic together for a strong bond. 3. Marine 2-part expoxy putty works WONDERS!! (Thanks Big Kahuna!) A tad expensive though...
Without further ado, here's where I'm at right now, more complete than it may look:


It's going together splendidly! I have it in sections right now, but I'm going to drill holes through each piece and put a threaded rod through the center. This should add plenty of support, and leave a bit on the end to thread onto the pack. (Making the missile removeable) As a side note. Michaels sells dense styrofoam cones that work perfectly to wrap the two missile cones around. This provides support without hardly any weight, rather than using bondo, resin or putty. Next the pack body...

On that note; I have your plans, but have not tackled them as yet. The only questions I have are this: There are no templates for the top and bottom caps of the main JP tubes, as well as the piano keys. A numbered build order diagram like on the missile would be dandy too, but not crucial. Thank you again for Dedicating your time and energy for this.

I should have some more pics in a few days!

Thanks again Wiz!

Oops forgot about the end caps. I’ll see what I can do about that. The detailed assembly drawing is something I will definitely have to do, but that will take a little longer.

I like the idea of using the foam cones as internal support structure.

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No rush... you're doing us a favor!

As for the cones, it's good, because it keeps the seams from pointing, as some of the round rings do. A little filler over them does the trick.

Here's two closer shots of the missile base, and Bottom cone, further along in assembly. They still need some sanding and some detail shaping, but here's where we're at.



Hey guys (gals)

Here's the update on mt scratch build JP, rocket section: It's fully assembled and glued, drilled down the center of each section and a threaded metal rod running down the entire length, with a 1.5" shank sticking out of the base unit. This will enable it to be threaded onto the pack body for easy removal. There is still some finishing to be done before it's primed and painted, but I think we're in good shape thusfar.





I like what you have so far......looks good.(y) That foam you got working there is a good idea. Tell me it's not awesome working with Wizardofflight's blueprints........I just started this project here and he's making things so easy for us! How are you going to handle the thruster balls and such? I'm having difficulty figuring this out.

Hey there!

I'm thinking of plumbing fittins and such for the thruster balls & cones. Though the cones I can make from styrene anyway. Yes, WoF has been a priceless help in this endeavor. Saving us TONS of time!!!! There is still a good deal of finishing still to go, but I wanted to show my progress.

WOW! Thanks guys. Glad I could be of assistance. It is really great to see the drawings being put to use.

That rocket is looking great and I can't wait to see this project come together.

If you need any help from me just let me know. Now back to the gauntlet drawings.

You read my mind O-S-K! :D

Seriously, I have given that some thought, and consulted Wizard for his blessing. (After all, they are made from his templates) I have never moulded or cast anything before, but I hear it's not very difficult. The only drawback, I hear, is that your original could be harmed in the process. It's not likely, because this thing is study as all heck! I'm starting on the pack body now, so once that is done it will give me an indication on whether I want to cast the rocket/body at all. It's under consideration. Again, much appreciation and "props" (heh heh) go to Wizard of Flight!

Hi all,
I'm new to TDH but have been reading all your post for some time now and they are great guides etc :) Thankyou

Now I may be able to give something back in return as I do a lot of molding and modelling.

The product I would recommend to use for casting is called "UltraSil" It is a 2 part Silicone based product that is used in the movie industry (Like in Lord of the rings series etc) and it does not damage the master in any way, there is not need for parting agents to be used.

It is very easy to work with and holds details very well, you can also get a couple of thousand cast out of it depending on the Product you use for casting. (I use EaseCast, which sets in about 10 mins and is like a cross between Plastic and Resin and does not damage the mold)

UltraSil is more versatile than latex based molds, and holds more detail than plaster/sand/fibreglass molds.

I hope this helps if you decide to cast the rocket.
BTW it looks great

Regards Aziazel
Thank you Azaizel!

That knowledge will be extremely helpful for me, as I do not wish to harm the piece that I put SO much work into. I think I will still wait untill the pack body is complete, but this arms me with a better plan! Thanks again!

Dang! nice rocket, Shinobi! i know it might be a looonnnggggg while since this thread was started, but still, nice!

i noticed The modeler's hobby glue ( i think it is, or is it the epoxy putty?) in the first pic of the first post of this thread. I saw the glue somewhere in a 99 Cents store, at where i live. it probably costed only 99 cents ( i mean, why is the store named it in the first place?). how much did it cost for you, and was the brand a company named "super glue" ( i think it was the name of the company)?
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