UK paint colors?


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Hi again guys,
I was wandering what paint you fellow UKers use for a Jango Helm. I know the normal colours that work in the USA Krylon ocean blue etc etc. However I cannot find a way to purchase these from the UK Or anything similar please let me know which paints have worked best for you

Im really stuck with this guys.... Is there any1 in the US that can get me a quote as to how much it would cost you to buy Krylon short-cuts ocean blue and rust-oleum royal blue paint for my helm and the shipping costs to scotland,UK. I would be happy to pay you to buy me some and send it over :) but Im sorted for my rub n' buff :)
TYVM lol. I think repeat *THINK* I may have a match with the rust-oleum royal blue...... let me know what you think. - its the ultramarine blue under the smaller paint cans chart!

Im also asking Bobamaker what he used as he is UK based :) Ill let you know what happens!

cheers again,
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