Ugly Helmet


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I don't know if this is old or somewhat new but it is an ugly Helmet:


I wouldn't pay $25.00 for it!

(Sorry about posting the auction, I edited the post).
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That looks like a Rubies bucket, they're often deformed. There are much better helmets out there, but it can be improved upon and made to look better.

btw: posting live ebay auctions is against forum rules, you'll need to remove the link. If you want to show it (or any such item) I recommend posting a picture instead.
At least the seller will keep your identity secret so no one else knows that you paid so much money for that crappy helmet.
I saw a Rubies helmet like that for sale on eBay, except it was for $80. 7 day listing, 15min left, and not one bid :lol: . Those things are crap. But with hard work I'm sure you could make it look good.
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