Two questions for DCB!


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1) On another thread many eons ago ( ), you linked to a picture of the lettering of Zam's chest armor... but the link no longer works ( ). Could you fix the link? Please! :)

2) Also a long time ago, you made an illustration of how the chest armor was constructed, showing the metal rods, etc. I couldn't find it on the boards here anywhere... *I thought I had saved all these goodies... but apparently I didn't - :facepalm ) * Would you be kind enough to post that image again as well...

Thanks Dallas!
Thanks DCB!!!

I've got most of the parts for the chest armor all ready to go - but I need to know how the top half is connected to the bottom half... ;)
This it?


That's the only thing I have that's even close...can't remember if there was something else or not. Probably was and I never saved it... :facepalm

Can't remember who did this illustration either...
Yep! That's one of them! :D (y) :D Thanks HothGirl! BTW - That there is a Dustin Crops Boy original diagram! ;)

Now I just need the front chest lettering!
I found some lettering...I'm not sure if it's the right lettering though...


I had to shrink it down, let me know if you need the bigger image.
Yep... that looks like it! :D (y)

Thanks so much HothGirl!

Anyone know how large the lettering is supposed to be on the armor? I'm guessing about an inch tall - does that sound right?
I think its supposed to be Mabari - the SW EP2 Visual Dictionary says that she wears Mabari inscriptions and stylized emblems like the cape seal. The lettering on that looks similar to the chest plating IMHO, so I would assume it is also Mabari.
I had to lie to some fans that came up to me the other day. I told them " it's the maker of the armor" kinda how we have "calvin klein" etc. :lol:
You know, it's definately Mabari armor, just didn't know if the inscription was that. Ya'know? Maybe it says,"Mabari armor" :lol: I wonder why she spoke in huttese when she called jango a sleeemo. "It was a bounty hunter called.... Sleemo." Therefore, she obviously didn't give him away. So, she was able to resist the Jedi mind tricks. She was more resilient ;) than most give her credit for.
I think I remember the cape seal being her rank in Mabari - although I haven't looked at that for a looooong time. I have the cape seal tattooed on my arm.
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