Tutorial for Rodann`s shoulder bolts?

Jodo Kast 3

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We all knew someone was goig to ask. I would love to see the best way possible to use these from someone whose done it already. I know they`re pretty self explanitory but somebody may have a use for them that the rest of us have`nt thought of yet.
Just thought I`d ask.....



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They're pretty straight-forward... Just use a 8-32 machine screw (I used one that was 3/8" long with a pan head) to attach them with. If you want to use 2 on your cod piece for those decorative "bumps" on the right side, just use some GOOP to adhere them with. :)

Jodo Kast 3

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You see....

That`s kinda the problem. I know what they`re for, but I`m not sure how to use them and where to position them. My armor is almost ready to go so I`m just kind doublechecking everything before I go start drilling holes in stuff.

Thanks in advance guys...


Mr Fett

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Did he just say his armor is almost ready to go? NO WAY! ;)

Just playin'. I've only been hearing about this project since oh...2000 or so. :lol:


D'oh! I thought my ears were ringing!:lol:

Actually, I don't know exactly where they'll go, myself, as I have yet to get brave enough to put holes in my armor.;)

But....individually I plan on hot-gluing (or abs welding) the screws from the inside of the armor, then that will allow me to tighten them from the outside. I also plan on using small rubber washers or maybe those stickers you put on calendar nail holes, to keep the bolts from scratching up the armor.

I even thought: Why do these even HAVE to hold the armor together?? Permanently screw them (so they don't rotate) TO the armor, while using velcro to stick the armor together.:facepalm Maybe cut a radius out of the lower armor, under each screw, so the screw head doesn't cause the armor to "ride up".

It could work.


if its any help,i used small bolts(very small)and drilled thru the chest armor,countersunk the (angled,NOT cuphead bolts)hole.Then i superglued them into the armor,filled with auto putty,and painted.Then i cut(using thinner pvc)the WHOLE backing plate(not individual pieces,one plate behind the 4 chest pieces,up to you..)used a washer and TWO nuts(to lock it into place,remembering not to tighten the 1st bolt more than finger tight,and using the second as a locknut,and then dremelled the excess bolt shank off.........sits well onto the vest,and is still removeable for washing the armor vest.If you use fairly thin plate for backing,you'll get a nice "sit" for the armor,i used very thin sintra and heat formed it,but,i have also used 3mm icecream carton plastic too.Remember that the backing plate doesn't have to be thick,just so it holds the armor to the vest w/out flaring out.


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I also have a question for U guys on these. Someone posted the size of the screw earlier but not the thread type/size. Any idea on this? I'm planning on gluing all of them except one to hold the cape to the armor. Seems like a good use for that one.