Trouble with color schemes?

Duran Lomax

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If you're anything like me, deciding on a color scheme is a pain in the arse. This picture was sent to me by a friend, via MSN, and it may help any indecisive crafters of custom armor decide on the color(s) that they want. Since it's pretty big, Im just placing a link; hope this helps.


I do not know who created this picture; it is most definately not my own work.


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Well whoever made it kudos to them. That's a freakin' awesome collage of Mandalorians right there.

I noticed how some color schemes really caught my attention and it has me thinking about a custom.


The Mandalorian in the bottom right corner while looking at the picture is me, since then i've made 2 more suits but hey....SWG 4 eva! And I didn't like the Teal on Grey scheme either, but teal on black looks freaking AWESOME, so thats what i'm going with for the real thing.