Bo Katan Troopergirl's Bo Katan/Nite Owl Scratch-built


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After building a Dengar for my husband some time ago, starting a Boushh for myself (but having lost a little bit of drive with that costume...) and finishing another CW-costume (Riyo Chuchi) earlier this year, I am right now completely into building a Bo Katan or an "ordinary" Nite Owl, or even both versions...

I want to try to build everything by myself because I really love to work things out, be creative and try something new. Perhaps I will reach a point where I have to admit that I don't have an idea or the means to implement something, but then I know there are many great "ressources" here I can turn to...

So what have I done so far? Of course a lot of research... Then I started to build certain things...

As the armour-pieces of Bo Katan have a certain thickness, I decided to build most of the parts out of EVA-foam. The material is thick, light-weighed and I made good experiences with it in the past.

Here a picture of the pieces I got so far:

31900_689033397793470_828996365_n.jpg 1267175_688503337846476_196212073_o.jpg

I will try to equip the gauntlets with electronics and the "raised area" will be made from Worbla instead of foam. As the armour-pieces will be very light-weighed, I want to use light-weighed "stunt-blasters" for putting in the holsters. Therefore I also started to build a set out of foam... For posing etc. I want to use metal-blasters later, but for events where you have to keep your weapons in the holsters, the foam-versions will be great, as I want to attach the thigh-armour either with velcro or with magnets to the undersuit....
1374051_719901191373357_350714821_n.jpg 970482_700140763349400_1053259849_n.jpg

Talking about the undersuit... as I haven't found a suitable set of dark grey shirt and trousers, I started to sew myself, but am not to keen on that... To stop me from working on the undersuit, I focused on the helmet lately... Right now I have already come a long way from a paper-model, a rough shape in Kobracast, building the dome, finding a suitable shape for the "face", attaching the Worbla-front and back to the dome and getting everything neatly together...

1208815_680851201945023_1506874266_n.jpg 1005841_692133890816754_393446956_n.jpg 1382854_704786306218179_1783740042_n.jpg 1393626_719164928113650_239500806_n.jpg 1378214_720875021275974_1881066099_n.jpg
Right now it is a lot of sanding and filling, but I am pretty confident. I hope everything works out as planned and I will be able to duplicate the helmet, so that I will be able to do both versions (Nite Owl and Bo Katan).

Besides I gathered other stuff like boots, a part of the belt and an old Eastern Germany strapping system to attach the jetpack...
1157442_704360642927412_1948919003_n.jpg 1380757_719155651447911_2093479611_n.jpg 552731_704900399540103_1755041655_n.jpg

Still a lot of work to do, but I'm pretty confident most of my ideas might work out! If you want to see more progress pictures (these were just the highlights), you can also check out my FB-Cosplay site:


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This costume-built was on hold fo almost a year now, as real life kicked in pretty hard and then two Rebels-costumes pushed to the front and I built a Sabine for me and an AT-DP-pilot for the husband. But having done four troops as a Sabine now, I really got keen to finish this costume! So, I'm back!


As most of the armour-pieces are already built, I tackled the jetpack. As the rest of the armour is either made of EVA or Worbla, I also wanted to use these materials for the jetpack... That's what I got so far:


So far, I'm not quite satisfied with the "top of the rockets", but I like the rest...

I also decided, that I want to do both versions - Bo Katan and a generic Nite Owl, and try to build the jetpack in a way, that I can easily change the parts that are coloured differently, so that I don't have to build two complete costumes, but only 1,5...

Therefore, I am still hunting down every bit of screenshot and reference for a Nite Owl...

Oh, and if there is still interest in the two questions I didn't answer, I buy the Worbla from and the bucket face was sketched free hand, after looking at some Pepakura-templates and screenshots.


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OK, I found some time to get things going and that's the outcome so far...

The jetpack is about 90/95% finished...

It'll need some weathering and a little bit of playing around with the colours an some corrections on the rocket-tops, but I'm quite satisfied so far. In the gap in the middle, I will insert either the Bo Karan-blue or the Nite Owl-white bar, held in place by magnets.

I also did a test with the backplate and the strapping system along the way and everything seems to function as planned...

Some armor parts are already painted:

And right now I'm working on the gauntlets and the holsters, as a new load of Worbla arrived...

If that's finished I "only" need to get the soft parts together, attach the shoe armor and start work on the second helmet... ;-)


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Thanks everyone for the nice comments... I recently found the time to continue work on both costumes and hope to finish them in the "building-period"....

Here is the status so far:


Some parts still need weathering, the two helmets are a lot "work-in-progress" as are the NiteOwl-gauntles...


As I couldn't get the logo of the Palladium-boots I had bought without damaging the shoe, I decided to buy new shoes and could use the already finished amour-parts for them as well.


I'm actually pretty happy with the gauntlets so far... They are not perfect and I'm still looking for something to substitute my self-made darts, but they are illuminated and that's a first for me!


Over the last couple of days I started to transform my large men's activity-shirt into the vest, the longs sleeves and the gloves...


As I want to use the vest for both costumes, the long sleeves and the coloured rim are attached using velcro. So I can add a more medium grey rim and blue sleeves for the NiteOwl-version.