Bo Katan WIP


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Hello everyone! I am doing a Bo Katan. This is what I have so far.

At todays armor party I cut all of my armor and finished my soft suit. Since this week is thanksgiving week and I have it off, I plan to sand the edges maybe even start spray painting the base coat.
20191123_211633.jpg 20191123_212113.jpg IMG_20191123_201816.jpg

I did need some advise on my gauntlets and my knees. For my gauntlets it came into a two piece so I can glue them together. I am curious if i need to cut on the yellow and blue lines and re-glue it. Anyone know or should I leave it uncut and just glue the two pieces together?

Also for my knees, I had these made for my previous kit... do you think they will work?

I am waiting for my helmet to come in and I plan to buy my jetpack in January.


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Sorry i haven’t posted on here much. I did my first coat of spray paint, my visor is cut off. Now i just need to do the second coats and dando down my visor hole.


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Looking forward to this build! Awesome start so far. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your Night Owl helmet kit?


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Here is some updates, received my westar 35s the other day. Still waiting on my belt and jetpack to be delivered. I do need to add & fix the velcro on soft suit. I did finish all of my armor, shoes, & helmet.... so excited. :D



That looks like grea progress! Im witnssing a real good costume in the making here ! :)
How are you doing the interiour of your helmet? What kind of padding?