Triple armor project (from a newbie)

Motorcycle shops like (they have physical stores too) sell anti-fog wipes.

Got pictures of the finished product?

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Its picture time! Before you all freak out, that is a bb gun with all of the bbs taken out. It was used as a prop because my webley is not done yet. I was also aiming off to the side. It just looks like I am pointing at her.

I did not finish everything in time. I am missing the cod piece, back plate, and jetpack. The color of the cape will be change eventually too. The dark brown was all I had on hand. I will continue to update this as I complete more parts.
I put a blue glowstick in my sisters "fusion cannon." It gives it a very cool effect at night. The estimated total cost for making the armor including the cod, jetpack, and back armor was around $75 for each of us. My friend bought lots of stuff for his armor so I have no idea how much his costs. If you would like to see a close up of a certain part, tell me. If you spot something else that needs to be made, tell me. I want to learn on how to make it better. I am really happy with my first armor build! it can only get better from here. DSCF0436.JPG DSCF0447.JPG DSCF0429.JPG DSCF0466.JPG DSCF0469.JPG DSCF0427.JPG DSCF0431.JPG DSCF0433.JPG View attachment 104804 View attachment 104805


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It is time for a quick update. I am going to be finishing my friend's armor. He sealed and painted it and I am going to finish everything else. When he asked me to finish it for him, I was originally not looking forward to it. However, now I am looking forward to build another suit of armor. Plus, this is actually a triple armor build and not just a double armor build. My goal is to finish it by December 16th (Rogue One). The only thing I do not have to do is make the helmet. Here is a picture of most of the pieces laid out on the ground. I am currently gluing the armor to the flak vest.
IMG_3807.jpg IMG_3808.jpg

More updates coming soon.
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