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Its me again Im going to work on my cadian armor later but im workin on gili suit now :lol: and i was thinking should i use a camo green or a brownish color even though the burlap is already a brownish color but i dont know how to put the other strips of burlap on i was thinking gluing but the glue would go through and on to the table :eek: but then i can always stitch it :wacko but im still pondering is a gili suit more of a vest and pants like thing or is it more like a cloack? help would be nice 8)

from leroys brother justin :)
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well this is my sniper rifle i made 8) its not paitned yet but its getting there the reason the stock is kind of messed up is because when i was cutin the board to smooth it out the blade snaped so what do you think i should paint it a came green? or black with a mix of camo green?
constructed from 2 dalrods, really big paper, lots of tape,screws, and wood.

from leroys little brother justin

Its a start. Looks good so far to me. I think i would go with more of a gunmetal or weathered black look though

DONE! i painted it and added a scope to my sniper rifle i had it done the day i made dis post and but i was to lazy to post it well here it is.

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