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Can any one tell me more about this painting effect, I used the reveal effect on my armor and I think it worked great. I´m still waiting for the helmet and now i´m just thinking how to go about painting the helmet. Need instructions on the topical one.

you can see the armor here


Ef lífið er lotterí þá tek ég þátt í því.


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I assume you mean, weathering topically? All that means is that you prime, then paint your base coat (skip painting the silver coat before it), and then apply your scrapes, scratches, dings, or whatever by hand directly over top of the base color.

I painted my gauntlets this way. I primed gray, then painted the burgundy base coat, then used a fine brush and toothpicks to apply the weathering (I think I used Testors Aluminum) over the base coat. They turned out great. Now, if I could only get them assembled and wearable. :p