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Hi, have tried the search function but to no avail. Does anyone have templates for the shin tools? I know i could just buy them as they are so dirt cheap but i really want to say i have scratch built my entire costume.

thanks ppl


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I did make the squigi one. I know I spelt that wrong, but oh well...

I can e-mail it to you in CAD.



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Once again Alan you show yourself to be a first class STAR :)

The templates are great. Is your black and white scale measured in centimetres?

GCNgamer - thanks for replying, your templates are great and i will probably use them with WoF's templates.

thanks all.
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skirata said:
WOW those rock now I am going to make my own set

Skirata - With those templates you will be able to produce some first class shin tools. Wizardofflight has been a real star will all his templates.

Lets hear it for Wizardofflight :cheers :cheers :cheers

:lol: have you gone red yet Alan :lol: