Tool Pocket Measurements

Jedi Bob

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Is there a definite size for these two pockets. My PP jumsuit has them being really big and while the pockets are being moved, I might as well make as many corrections now.



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I dont think there are any "accurate measurements" out there, I would just size them to snugly fit whatever shin tools you have. That's just my stupid opinion, so ignore it if you want to.


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It all depends on if you are going to use real Paterson tools or resin copies. The resin RA sonic beam weapon I have is about half the size of the Paterson squeegee. It will also depend on where you decide to cut your tools down to as only the tops are exposed. Since you already have a jumpsuit with pockets sewn on it, I would recommend finding a decent pic or two of how much of the tools are exposed, then measure how much you need to cut off the bottoms of them to show the same amount.