Flight Suit Pocket Thickness


Hellooo! I may be posting lots of small detail questions over the next few weeks as I begin the final descent into my BF ESB (and noticed they changed the 501st CRL again.. oi..).

Anyways, flight suit.. thigh pockets - I looked at another local ESB and his pockets were padded about 2", which I am going to emulate. Just wanted to know if that is roughly a rule of thumb or if it is more about how the flight suit lays on the body?

CRL just says 'must not look empty' so would like to double check what people have found to be pretty decent. Also, just padding with foam (I feel like there is a sleazy joke in there..) so if others found a different material better, that would be cool to know.

Thank you!
With my job as a photographer, we use a lot of Pelican cases for transporting gear.

I snagged some old Pelican case foam to cram into my pockets. These are 1.5 inches thick. I also followed the lead of another Fett build and hollowed a channel out so I can carry my phone in it.

Hope this helps!

15382739723765750579948852987302.jpg 15382741602595789078096290237519.jpg
I love the secret phone space! Thank you, deathxcircle . So would you say same thickness for both sets of pockets (thigh and hip pouches)?
I think the thigh pockets are going to be where mileage will vary. The hip pockets lay flat but everyone has different leg sizes. You might have to use more or less foam but I figure as long as they look about the same, and they don't look like you are packing hard cover first editions in those pockets, it should be fine.