Too much or not enough?


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Just thought I would get opinions on my soft goods. Weathered them today with a mix of rust, grey, and black acryllic paints.


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Looks really good man!
Although it's hard to tell in that pic, maybe a bit more on the lower legs? Like from mid-shin pockets on down.


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I had my jumpsuit weathered like the AOSW version... but then I decided to do some more judging by a few ROTJ screen caps.

I don't have much, but enough to tell the suit was more dirtier then on AOSW.

I'll try to find a pic of my suit now...


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hmm... it doesn't really show in these pics but it's quite alot darker on the right and that's not just because of the lightning.

the pockets are brown like weathered, while the rest has a pretty constant spotted effect.

I didn't use much brown anywhere else, just very scarsly a few misted layers of it.

hmm... imo the soles are white, yellowish, pretty bright in comparison to the rest. blueish, dark grey weathered just above the sole, and then soem black, grey and brown misting over them, and don;t forget the silver spots on the stripes.

hmm... I think you nailed it :cheers

well done!

kinda hard to judge this way, you might wanna take an outside picture, that usually works for me.

dirty suit.jpg


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I used TK-409's templates... or my mom did a pretty long time ago.
but I'm not sure theyre still on his site, I must have printed them out almost 2 years before I actually got around to them.

they're a bit big imo, but work well.

they were then filled with a piece of well... don't know what thats called in english.. in dutch it's "piepschuim", kinda like... correly white foam, same stuff they use to pack tv's, radio's, nintendo's, x-boxes ... heck even sewing machines, packed a plastic bag around it, taped it all together (so if the foam breaks it's still one piece) and then taped some black cloth over that, so you hardly see them.


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atleast... I assume you are refering to the jumpsuit thigh pockets? as I did sew and made the ammo belt myself.