To make or to buy, that is the question.



So what do you guys think should I make my shoulder and knee armor myself or buy them. I would kind of like to learn to use sintra. But then again I'm not too talented when it comes to all that stuff and it would be alot faster to just buy them. So I'm going to leave it up to you guys to decide, do it myself or buy them?

I could`nt make one of those pieces to save my life either.

But I did put together my own belt accessories....does that count for anything?


shoulder armor is easy but the knee's are pretty demanding - especially to get them even. Make the shoulder armor first then see if you feel like tackling the knees!
Yeah, I'd do what HS said. Try out your skills on the shoulder armor and if you feel you can make the knees then go for it.

Although, if we had the money, we would probably buy a lot of stuff but we are poor, so we just have to make it ourselves. Plus we are smaller and most the stuff you can buy, probably wouldn't fit us. :facepalm

So basically, try on the shoulder. If you don't like how it turns out, buy it.
Hope this helps. :)
Try your hand at it. Sintra isn't all that hard to work with. Sintra can be cut with sissors. I prefer to use the exacto blade because you can get crisper lines cut but on angles I used sissors. Just imagine that you're cutting cardboard. That's all there is to it. The chest, upper armor and shoulder bells are pretty much dead easy but like everyone else says...knee armor just needs a little more detail work. The guantlets are a bit time consuming because of the detail work too. Tell you what....try on cardboard first and when it looks good like the way you want it....transfer the cardboard patterns to sintra and after you cut out out've got armor. Here's what you'll gain:
#1- you'll have templates for other Fett projects.
#2-It will be sized to your proportions...not someone elses.
#3-Money saved in the bank.
Good luck!(y)
Thanks for all the comments guys I think I will just get 1 sheet of sintra and try my hand at the shoulder armor.

BountyHunter1185: I hear ya, I'm 17 and the phrase "money doesn't grow on trees" is on that really applies to me :p
fortunately I have birthdays and Christmas :)
your budget will dictate if you can buy your fett for me, i have to make everything myself because im too small for all the kits that are out i couldnt afford it anyway :lol:

it turned out to be a positive because my armour fits me like a glove and one 4X4 sheet of sintra did the job with some left over.

BoJangleFett wrote:

Here's what you'll gain:
#1- you'll have templates for other Fett projects.
#2-It will be sized to your proportions...not someone elses.
#3-Money saved in the bank.

No joke. If you're not "standard" size (if there is such a thing), you'll end up having to put a lot of extra work--and a little bit of extra money--into getting pieces to look/fit correctly.
My philosophy is:

Make what you can, buy what you can't..

The real question is, do you know how much you can make? Sometimes not until you try...

I'm probably going to make most of the "plates" of armor, but buy the guantlets.

StormtrooperPrincess and Boba Freekk: Fortunately I don't have that problem as I just had a growth spurt and hit 6'0" so I fit most of the stuff out there. But I am kinda skinny so most of the stuff hangs/sags :p
MAKE......So what if you don't know how to work with Sintra..You can LEARN as you go along.
OK, you might make a few "stuff-ups" in the process but that's all part of learning.
The good thing is that once you learn a skill, you can use it on other projects.
PLUS you can proudly tell people "I Made it" rather than "I paid some other guy to make it for me, coz I never tried to do it myself"
Buy your knees. I was able to make all my armor out of sintra without trouble, except for the knees. They looked like crap.
lol all this talk makes me wanna try making the knee's out of sintra, I cant shrink back from a fight when I see one :p
Definitely make, If you make it yourself you are in control of the way your finished suit will look. I had never used Sintra before and put off all the pieces that I was going to make with it until the end. After having worked with it I wish I had tried it earlier. The one thing about Sintra I don't like is that you can only bend it in one direction at a time. So if you need to make compound curves it is almost impossible.
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