TK409 Helmet Smashed (viewer discretion advised)


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"Yeah, it must have fallen while on the mannequin and some cleaning crew must have picked it up for me."

After looking at the progression of this thread, I would suspect that was the case as well...

however, I would be SUPREMELY upset if the person responsible didn't at least leave a note on your desk along with the broken pieces with a name or number to contact for reimbursement. Seems people nowadays have no respect for another's property whatsoever...

Far as the CSI thing, you can go to walmarts auto section and get that funky blue light thing and glasses and snoop around the housekeepers closets... :facepalm
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Honestly, I was expecting complete destruction from the thread title, so I'm actually a little relieved. It does look salvageable, and with those signatures I think it would be a crime not to try and save it, at least for display only. Chris, you're a major source of inspiration for many of us here, and I'm sure lots of people would be willing to help you out if you need it. :)


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OH thats gruesome!!! I am scarred for life now. You shouldnt allow that ina public forum!

On a more serious note: Thats horrible. I hope you will be able to restore it. You should have ahad the FBI over there investigating the crime scene.

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hmm. No that is definate intentional damge. The only way for the cheek to break off is to hit it, REALLY HARD! Granted resin isn't as strong as fiberglass, it has a certain amount of flex to it. I can flex both the cheeks in far enough to touch each other on my sgt. fang helmet. AND if it did fall it would have made a crack if anything that is an intetional hit, looks to be with a ballpine hammer, so what I'd do is find the guy in the office with a balpine hammer, and hit him in the head and cheek with it.

seriously that looks like someone attack it with a balpine hammer:puke . Just lood at the hole in the middle.


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Yeah and for those of you who dont know what a ballpine hammer is. Its a hammer and its kinda got a ball on one end, and I guess thats a pine on the other.


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Wow... someone went to town on that bucket. Sorry to see that happened!!
Good luck with reconstruction.

-Tony Vida; TK 3204; Austin, Tx


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honestly the damage can be fixed, the only major problem would be fixing the hole. All the other peices broke off in areas where they are hidden, so you wont be able to notice they broke off once they are fixed, trust me its easy to fix those parts. But the hole is fixable but its gonna be a pain since your gonna have to glue, bondo, sand and repaint that area, which is gonna be pain to match up with the rest of the helmet.
I mean the damage looks bad, but trust me its not that bad as it seems, it shouldnt be hard to fix, just the hole is going to be a pain in the butt.

keep us posted what you might do

and if your thinking of tossing the helmet, let me know, I'll take it;)

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OK, so only you guys will appreciate this. Me and my Headless Boba appear on The 1UP Show 'Gears of War Special' just posted this week. This was filmed shortly after the accident. FFWD to halfway through the video and I'm just past that, following Chris Perna, lead artist.
CliffyB says, "So what you're gonna see now is, I gotta warn you, this is a little bit ugly..." :)

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Congratulations on the video Chris! Though that blows that the interview was so closely after the accdident. Oh and thanks for the work on easily one of the greatest games of all time.

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Sorry to hear about your helmet. I'm new to the site, so plz forgive me if I repeat something anyone has already said. Regarding your damaged helmet, your website is very inspiring and it absolutely blew me away when I saw the whole costume. Given your artistic ability and general resourcefulness, the latter being necessary for any bounty hunter, I'd definitely give it a good old college try on repairing the damage. I wonder if Sintra would be useful to you in some way or is it not useful for a helmet?

As far as who or what was responsible for the damage, is there any security camera footage or anything like that? I'm wondering if the hole was caused by the PVC pipe stand. Hindsight is always 20/20, but a round piece of styrofoam would make a good mannequin head to put the helmet on. In true bounty hunter style, you can always offer a reward for information on it? 8)

Good luck on the repair job. :cheers
Just remember how many Corvettes there are on the road that have almost as much bondo as fiberglass in them! :lol:

Plz post a thread or link on your repair progress.

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This may sound weird, but have you tried smelling it? And does it smell like shampoo you don't use, or some other scent you don't use such as preety guy perfume,etc?


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i still agree with the too much damage for simply falling off the mannequin hypothesis. i also still however think it has something to do with someone either messing around with it, or perhaps someone cleaning bumping into it. like vaccuuming and bumping the mannequin causing the helmet to fall.

in order to cause that much damage i think it would have needed to be knocked off, rangefinder caught on the rifle, then hit something such as a vaccuum to crack the cheek, and then hit the floor again to leave a womp in the top of the helmet.

then whoever did that much have handled it awhile and the brittle pieces started to finally break.

i seriously think SOMEONE had to be involved because if it simply fell it picked one odd path



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Exactly, the damage is to great to be an accident such as that. Someone was messing with your stuff. I know that if I was working late at night in some office building, and I came across a Boba Fett suit such as that, I would find myself poking and proding around. However, the difference is that I would respect it, unlike the guy who didnt here obviously.
I must of had at least 8 teenagers pull my bucket off of my head within a 5 minute time frame, so I can assure you this was human damage.


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HE WORKS AT EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey uh TK409.......looking for any aprentices?
Great job on GOW man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THat game flippin rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and man that sucks about the bucket............Does Cliffy B know how big of a guy you are in our world of Fett