Jodo Kast tips on my jodo kast helmet

I would go for a DP 95 as a good start

The greens on the helmet should be a bit darker with more grey in it than the Fett helmets

A nice popcicle orange will work great for the mandible areas.

Be sure to fill in the dent really well and the helmet should have about 6 kill stripes instead of the Fett numbers.

Check out if you want some pics or to read the first 3 chapters of my Jodo Kast fan fiction.



These pics seem like eons ago.

We used a camo green found at Home Depot for the base coat and a charcoal color for the cheeks. Pumpkin orange was used on the visor area I believe. After weathering I sprayed the whole thing with Testors Dullcote. Hope that helps!
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