Tinted cover for chest display


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As of now, the slots cut out of my chest armor are bare. I hope to have an electronic chest display eventually, but right now, I just need the tinted visorlike material to cover the emptiness. Does anyone know where you can buy it very cheap? I only need just a tiny little square, so I don't wanna pay a ton for a huge sheet. Thanks a lot!
Do you have anything left over from your visor? That works suprisingly well.

I just have the very thin welding type visor, and green tinted but, believe it or not, you can't tell at all. With it being pressed up against light board, it appears black, and the red lights still show up as red through the green visor.

I got my visor from RA, so I don't have any spare material. But, TK, I like the sound of that. What section would it be in? What's it usually used for?
I didn't use the tinted stuff myself. I used clear plastic, as the lights show up better that way. :) And you can find clear plastic just about ANYwhere.

Just something to think about.
I'm not positive,but I think somewhere/sometime somebody said that the original was a red tinted plastic.I used it on mine since it shows up the red LED's better.When the lights are off it looks black anyhow.

well it wasnt me, but i used a small peice of stage light gel (red) i had lying around ...forget what number it is.....

works pretty damn good!
I have some scraps lying around from my green #5 visor. I'd be happy to put an envelope sized piece in the mail for ya.

email me if you are still looking.
If you go to your local craft/hobby store (ie. Hobby Lobby) they sell little sheets of plastic (about the size of a normal sheet of paper) for under a buck.. That is what I used.. I just cut out a square and spray painted one side black then super glued it on. Looks pretty good for the time being..
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