Thinner for airbrush paints

OK, so I know that I have to thin out the paints for airbrushing. What is recommended to get here. Does it matter if it says it is for acrylics or enamel. I am using the paints that have been suggested by Rogue Studios. I saw 1/4 oz. containers on the testors site for 2.99 a pop. That doesn't seem like much of a deal considering all of the painting I will be doing. I'll have to get a suitcase of the stuff. They also have "Floquil - Polly Scale Airbrush Thin 16 Oz." for 7.99, a far better deal. Can I use this or is it the wrong stuff. Just a tad bit confused and lacking knowledge here.:confused Can someone please shed some light.:facepalm Thanks a bunch.
The bottles will/should have the thinning medium to use listed on it. The Floquil/Pollyscale paints are water based and suggest a 10% thinning ratio with water.
acrylic paints need water or acrylic thinner as they are water based.

enamel's need paint thinner as they are oil based.

I got my Polly scale US Med green from the Testors site and the paints are 1/2 oz and 1oz. I don't recall ever seeing 1/4oz in the Floquil/Polly Scale only the Testors paints.

You'll pay any where from $2.50-3.99 for a single jar of paint from the hobby shop, I have 3 hobby shops here that carry the aints and differ only .25-.50 from each other.

I had to go online to get the Polly scale US Med green 1/2oz bottles as no hobby shop here carried it.
Polly scale offers an Airbrush thinner for their Acrylic paint. That is it in your post, the blue stuff.
That is what I'm using. I've been airbrushing for about 20 yrs now and I've found that if a manufacturer offers an airbrush thinner for their paints, it usually flows better and mixes better than anything else. I've learned the hard way.
You can also use water, but like the bottles say, use distilled water. Just so none of the minerals in tap watter affect the outcome of your paint job ;)
Hope this helps :D
Robert E.
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