Thermal Det. Prop Help Needed:

Dha Syntir

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I've been kicking around the idea of making small thermal dets which would be fired from my CS-6's grenade launcher. I have the bodies of the dets, vitamin bottles I've been saving for some time now. My problem is that I can't really find anything to glue to the top to give it it's "cone" shape. It needs to be fairly durable so it won't crush or dent if bumped against something as it'll be pretty much visible as it's not carried inside a pouch...Do any of you have any ideas for a relative newbie to prop building? I've thought about styrofoam, but it's fragile unless it's covered in resin or the like-which I've never worked with before. So try and keep any suggestions as "idiot proof" as humanly possible...:lol: Thanks!

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Where does one find sheets of styrene or the like? I wonder if they carry it in Lowes or Home Depot, or maybe a Sign Store or something. I just got back from Walmart and found some cone shaped white styrofoam in the fake flower section. I thought I'd try and see if I could cut it down and shape it. Then cover it in a thin layer of Bondo and see if it will eat the styrofoam up-perhaps I'll try testing it on a piece not needed first...I may have to pick up some of the blue foam, which is easier to shape anyway. Anyway, do you think the styrofoam/Bondo treatment will work? And look good...

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Depending on the diameter you need, maybe some kind of Nerf missile would have a decent shape?
Or if you're not dead-set on a cone shape, you could try a craft store for plastic spheres. They come in several sizes and are usually in 2 pieces. Maybe you could glue on a half dome instead of a cone.
Great ideas guys. I considered the Easter egg top halves but can't find any small enough to fit the tops of the vitamin bottles I'm using...I bought some styrofoam cones that were for floral arrangements and I'm going to start trying to shape them later but I'll have a hard time getting them into several equal sized nose cones. I'll look into the prop nose cones from the model planes. I had several large blocks of Balsa wood around here somewhere. I thought maybe they'd be easy to shape over the styrofoam...I like the carrier Jodo wears on his right thigh, but the grenades or missiles he wears there are kind of along the lines of what I wanted to create for my grenade launcher. Know the ones I'm referring to?

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dude, a craft store like Joann's Fabrics.... or any craft store have styrafoam balls that are of many diffrent size and shape. i sugest lookin around the craft department there.

styrien? u mean plastic?... cause if yea do look in the yellow pages for plastics and call, worked for my sintra.
I bought a mold for a thermal detonator (like the one Leia/Boushh had), I haven't used it yet, but it's in pretty bad condition. It would be solid resin and in two parts, pretty heavy for what you want to use them for.
Sorry if I threw you off base a bit. What I'm going for is a "thermal det" only similar in size and general shape as an M-203 round or one like the old M-79 "Super Blooper" rounds. I wouldn't mind having one or two of the standard Boushh had, so if you make any decent castings from it, let me know-k? Thanks for the help everyone!

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