the start of my jango armor

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i got a set of jango armor for christmas.i just got done painting it.(silver leaf)i have the boots,jumpsuit,helmet(is the rubies ok to join?).
were can i get these things at.
-jet pack
-cod peace
-knee armor
if anybody can help me that would be great.just pm me.


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The Rubies is "acceptable," but it needs major revision and modification. First of all, one would need to sand down the helmet, prime it, wetsand it, then RnB it with the silver leaf as you used on your armour; repaint it basically. Also one would need to replace the visor by cutting out the half-plastic part, and installing a full replacement. Then you would need to use some sort of metal wire to install in the inside of the helmet to give it a new wider shape.

Converting a Rubies helmet is possible, but I'd much rather have a Resin or Fiberglass helmet :)


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One thing that I noticed about the Rubies is that I ended up with a bit of taper to the bottom of the visor from how the mandibles sat after the shape up. I thinks its because the Rubies is so 'horse faced' out of the box. When you have that section pushed into the visor, the bottom naturally spreads out.

Here's a thread on the Rubies Boba that explains what to do to mod it, it'd be the same for Jango.


And heres a thread for converting a resin Boba over to Jango:


Also, this guy can probably provide you properly sized knee's and the cod. Just tell him how big you are so he knows what set of templates to use. He has great prices.


Here's my own shameless eBay plug for a suit (if it will fit you):


Oh and if SGB's not on the list that newbie sent ya, he also makes vests that are fairly cheap. Here is his suit thread in case mine doesn't cut it for ya:


Hope that helps, I'm sure that Newbie set ya straight on the gauntlets and JP... BTW, the stuff that I listed is not the only stuff out there, there are others that make the same things. I just listed the folks that I know are reliable from having dealt with them personally.

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Whoops... Just re-read what you wrote... I see that you have a suit, so disregard that part. ;)
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I've learned the hard way to buy the good stuff the first time. I statred with a rubies, just didn't get the look I wanted. It will take longer, but be cheaper in the end. If you don't, and you end up getting serious about our suit, you'll end up buying everything twice. BTW, I like the BKBT helmets.(y)