The Propbuilding Materials and Methods Terms and Guidelines


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Welcome to Propbuilding Materials and Methods, the newest discussion forum here at TDH! This forum has been created as a place to discuss and share information on basic methods, techniques, tips and materials that relate to general propbuilding, and which can help us all improve our Boba, Jango and Zam costumes!

The distinction between this particular discussion forum and all of the other costuming-based forums here at TDH is that this area is intended to cover information that could potentially be used in all types of propbuilding. Examples of the type of content that is appropriate for the Propbuilding Materials and Methods forum include things such as:

<UL><LI> Tips on “drybrushing.” This could apply to virtually any part of Boba, Jango or Zam’s costumes—or any costume for that matter!
<LI> What are the best adhesives to use on various materials?
<LI> What is Sintra and where can I get it[/list]
There are two basic ground rules for this use of this discussion forum:

  1. <LI>Information relating to a specific part of a particular costume should be discussed in its respective forum. Example:

    <UL><LI>“Helmet painting trick” belongs in the Helmet discussion form.

    <LI>“Spray paint, what am I doing wrong?” belongs in the Propbuilding Materials and Methods discussion forum.

<LI>Although the content of this discussion forum is intended to be broad, as much as possible it should be kept within the context of Boba, Jango and Zam costume building. This will allow the content of this discussion forum to remain focused and aligned with the overall content focus of TDH.
[/list]Enjoy your new forum, and use it wisely!
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