the pieces at end of rifle


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I'm looking for the long strips that go on the end of the rifle.

They look like this _||_ kinda... =)

I looked at window wiper blades, but they didn't look close to what the ones on TK409's site.

Any help would be mucho appreciatedo ;)

Josh L.
I believe TK-409's a starfortressproductions model kit, wich means its suposedly a replica of one of the screen used stuntdoubles... so I dont think he used scratch parts for his.

its a known fact that it is the same material used on Vaders saber... but that doesnt really help you in what ur lookin for...
I don't know of anyone who has a cast of a an ILM ROTJ Fett rifle. Perhaps there is just a misunderstanding in the wording of the SFP literature?

The strips at the end of the barrel are the same material that was used for the lightsaber grips.
Thanks tylerdurden and R boba fett... my friend said I could order those from some website because he is building a lightsaber and needed those same parts. I'll post a link to the site if I find it. =)

Josh L.
I made the this one with plastic........used to belong to a shelf suport......cutted with care and pain to get the shape............

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