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Heya guys and gals !

I needed a quick break from the monotony of my Jango projects. I've been flipping back and forth between Jango and Boba projects anyway, but figured I'd post a little something for the Boba fans for a change, since you're the "backbone of TDH ;)

I took a couple of days and revisited my chest armor last weekend, and before I head out for the holiday I figured I'd take a minute or two to post it up.

The armor has been refined, dent placement, ect. This is true "MoM" style this time around, as many of you know, my first design was based on a combination of AoSW and MoM.

The molds will be duplicated for "ESB" style next week, with the appropriate dent placement mods to reflect this. 2 stlyes will be available, for a change :lol: Again, this is a "Preview". This is what "will be" available when I get into the "mode" :lol:

As you can see, my playing "Catch-Up" for a year out of commission is coming along. Jango helmet, upcoming Jango Gauntlets, Boba Gauntlets, Armor, ect. It's rough, doing all of this at once practically. So to all those patient members who are still awaiting a response from me, thank you for hangin in there. You can see I'm not dilly dallying :lol: So consider this an official "Fettpride Update" while we're at it. It saves me from having to clutter the forum with an unnecessary thread.

Onto the pics !! I hope it meets all your expectations ...

First .. The "OLD"


Now, the "NEW"




A few shots comparing old and new ...


And a couple of details ...

First and foremost, compound curves. It's always been there. With the alterations that have been made, it has allowed for more of a concave/
compound curve update, however, you absolutely cannot get too crazy with this, because it alters the frontal/outward appearance (or impression) of the basic shapes that we've all become obsessed with. It's a balancing act ;)

The signature holes on the abdomen plate are now as they should be. Thanks to Brak's Buddy for prodding me to do this :lol: Before they were
vacuum formed "impressions" The real holes are drilled clean through, and backed with a piece of styrene to give it a very crisp definition. "As you wish" :lol:


I can post more pics later if desired. These were snapped pretty quick. You might note that the shapes of the armor can change drastically from camera angle to camera angle ;) Ya can't make armor from a 2D printout, that's for sure :lol:

A couple of final notes. I didn't show it in the pics, but the chest lights cutout is molded into the chest plate this time around. At least an ultra sharp impression of it. An "EXACT" guidline for cutting it out from behind the plate. I trimmed it out because I was in a hurry, and forgot to snap it before I did.

The chest light cutouts are made to the exact "Brak's Buddy" mesurements. So they'll fit your Shackman and Tk-409 lights. I cannot vouch for other lights, but it's time that we all stick with a standard measurment. It's easier for the light makers to make a standard size set of lights, rather tham 10 dffernet armor makers with different sized slots :lol:

A gentle reminder that the "REAL" movie armor is Vaccum Formed. Not fiberglass, or resin. Vacuum formed is what is pictured. These will be available in glass as well, but they will look just like what is pictured above. Too crisp, is unrealistic. It has to appear that hot plastic was formed over a mold to feel authentic. So, molds will be made of an ultra sharp vacuum formed set to achieve this. Both MoM, as well as "ESB" versions.

K, onto finsihing up the Jango Molds, and Updated Boba Gauntlets :lol:

Thanks again for all your patience in my delayed PM responses. Have an AWESOME 4th of July !!!

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Gorgeous as always, Chris. Who says you can't improve on perfection?

So can I pull a Ripcode and be the first to start the "un-official" wait list? :lol: I feel like I've already been on it for 3 years...:lol:

Seriously, though...I really didn't think you could get it any better than it already was, but the new tweaks are supurb. Kudos, bro.

:eek: .... whoa, great job FP. It's great seeing you healthy and back in action once again and having a blast doing what you do best. you go man !!! (y)
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I'm so glad to have FP back, he fills my heart with joy!:)

Count me in for a FG set!
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very very nice. if there is an "unoffical list" started for the ESB version... put me down.

great job again!!
Nice work FP. I've been holding out on my armor in hopes of you returning to production, so you can count me in once this gets off the ground. I'm sure you have a PM in there from me in the thousands you have to sift thru. If there's a list. Put me on it.
Im' in as well (y) . When the "LIST" starts, put me on it.
I have been waiting for an "FP Armor" thread and WOW...........(y)
Awesome FP, can't wait.
I was the happiest man on the planet when I bought your fibergalss I am wanting to upgrade....ha ha....

no.. not going to do it

no... not going to spend more money

I have FP old version...I am happy

I dont need new version

.....OK...maybe I need new ESB version...yes...OK..I am going to have two BOBA's....old version and new...yes two!!!

FP put me down for a set

Spideyfett said:

So maybe its good that I sold mine??:lol: :lol: :lol: ...Can you say "UPGRADE"?? ;)
WOW, the best just got better... I have 2 sets of armor sitting in my office, now I need a third set! Dag-nabit!!! If theres a list going throw me on it... got some cash burning a hole in my pocket for this stuff!!!

Awsome as always FP!
I am in for sure, price not pending, I don't really care what they cost I have wanted a set for upwards of 5 years and will have one. I don't know if I want a MOM of ESB set since I am doing pre-pro2 I will have to look at which is more accurate toward that but I am in.
Predatormv said:
I am in for sure, price not pending, I don't really care what they cost I have wanted a set for upwards of 5 years and will have one. I don't know if I want a MOM of ESB set since I am doing pre-pro2 I will have to look at which is more accurate toward that but I am in.

Yeah about 3 weeks ago I coulda said the same thing. Then I got married now I got the whole what's mine is hers and whats hers is hers deal goin on :D . Actually she's not that bad, she doesn't mind me spending money on stuff she's just in between jobs at the moment.
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