The Mandalorian pistol kit #2


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Hey all,
I just finished a second Mandalorian blaster. :)
The one I posted before was a 3D printed kit and this one is a resin kit that I got from a guy on IG.

20190921_110125.jpg 20190921_110216.jpg

The kit just needed some minimal sanding and trimming, and it went together really easily. Here's the kit as received.


Like the first one, this was a lot of fun painting. I got to do some worn metal effects, which I don't get to do very often.

20190921_110300.jpg 20190921_110341.jpg 20190921_110433.jpg

Here are both blasters side by side.

20190921_110726.jpg 20190921_110823.jpg

Since I don't need two of these blasters, I'll be putting this resin version up in the Cargo Hold. (y)
Thanks for looking!

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Loving these Mr Superjedi.

I get a buzz from the fact that the Starwars prop department have used 3 German pistols from the late 1800's early 1900s. The broom handled mauser, Luger and now this the Bergmann. These pistols are 120years old....... Mind blown!

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One thing I've always enjoyed about the OT is that the blasters actually look like weapons. Because they are weapons!
They drifted away from that a little in the prequels, but glad to see they're using real base guns in this show.
Has anyone ever listed and shown side by side comparison images?