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Just curious if there's any word on these in production yet...I just lost my plastic one at my last troop and definitely could use a more accurate found part if you know what I mean;)


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I've said it before, we all feel like this....
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...and go nuts whenever we can add metal parts to our kits!

I'm not a metal worker, but after having a metal shop machine me a custom part for my daughters Boushh Helmet - Antenna Greeblie, while costly (Almost as much as the helmet itself) it made, in my eyes a huge difference. The part I'm talking about for the Boushh helmet is....
Sandman's Resin Part.jpg

Which is a resin casted piece made for the helmet - it has a metal stem for stability but the piece itself is not metal.

And after a week of the metal shop drawing it up and manufacturing the piece (and $320.00 later), I was treated with...
Photo Jun 14, 7 20 04 PM.jpg

I swear, some of the things we do and the lengths we go to get our hands on metal greeblies huh?

Sorry, didn't mean to derail this thread. I just get the excitement that the members of TDH feel AND what MachineCraft probably feels in being able to offer such a piece that many have been asking for. Truly outstanding work!


P.S. I know you ( MachineCraft ) deal in primarily Fett greeblies, but the piece above I know is sought after by many Boushh cosplayers out there and would be a good offering. Especially coming from you! The Halloween event I went to with my kid, there were two women from the 501st there that have approved Boushh costumes, but they asked what paint I used on that antenna greeblie and how I was able to obtain such a sheen on it. They were shocked when I told them what I actually did and they praised such a great looking piece.
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Might as well start this conversation now...

At this point, we are determining how and if we will actually offer these for sale. The tooling and processes for these are both very expensive and very involved, and I have personally invested a great deal of time and money into this project over the last year+. To be perfectly candid, I would rather complete and shelve these parts than to have them be immediately recast by bad actor(s) that certain members of the community continue to support.

With that being said, we have a little time to figure these things out and come up with a solution. This will likely come as a surprise to many people, and these aren't conversations we enjoy having - I feel it better to just plant this seed now rather than when we show final prototypes and/or production parts.