"The Best" ESB Darth Vader build


Just wanted to see if anyone out there knows who is considered "the best" (i.e. quality/craftsmanship/etc.) or close to "the best" maker for the following ESB Vader parts (and how I would get in contact with them):

1) Helmet (Darth Stone?)
2) Cape
3) Chest Armor
4) Inner Robe
5) Chest Box
6) Bodysuit (leggings and upper)
7) Gloves
8) Belt
9) Belt Boxes
10) Cod Pieces
11) Shin Guards
12) Boots

Thanks a bunch!

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I made a ESB chestbox kit:)

Here a kit almost ready
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Darth Stone makes a good helmet, I used to have his ROTJ helmet, which is a mod of his ESB. anyway I would go with the stone helmet or a DP deluxe if you can find one.


Forgot about this thread....

So far I have...

1) Helmet--Darth Stone
2) Capeset--KevVader
3) Chest Armor--Darth Stone
5) Chest Box--Ace Replicas
6) Bodysuit (leggings and upper)--FenixProps
7) Gloves--SuperHero Gloves (website?)
8) Belt (Artisan Props)
9) Belt Boxes (Ace Replicas)
10) Cod Pieces (Artisan Props)
11) Shin Guards (SithArmor)
12) Boots (Chippewa)