Shin Tools That darn elusive Paterson Print Squeegee

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After 15 years and owning DOZENS of squeegees (there are a LOT of variations), I finally have an exact copy of the model used for Fett. This was one of the very first pieces I started hunting (long before The Dented Helmet existed) and it has taken this long to get it right. One part down. One hundred to go.

Boba Fett Shin Tool - Paterson Print Squeegee.jpg


Nice grab!! Congrats! Can you put up some images of the correct version next to some of the others you have?

Darth Voorhees

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Also interested in hearing about the variations...I just bought one from B&H a few weeks back assuming that the thing hadn't changed in 35 years. :lol:
i had the one Art has pictured here, bought from a member here in 2009, or, at least it looked just like this one. Had "Paterson" printed on it just like that and was the same color. I had "sold" it a while back because of a shin tool commission i had forgot about so i sent him my personal set.

I had got a set from B&H photo after that and didnt notice any differences except for 2. the color is light grey, and it doesnt have "Paterson" printed on it (only on the edge) . That said i didnt do a side by side since i didnt have both on hand at the same time. They did seem nearly identical to me though. But if there are more differences id like to know as well!
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Now that is pure dedication Art, :eek: if this is indeed of the same type as the original it would be interesting to see how years of interpretation from peoples blueprints and template have stood up to it.
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Darth Voorhees

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Art posted the general differences on FB.. its not really anything most of us would worry about. Aside from the color and the "Paterson" name printed on it, the other differences were the location of the copyright stamp on the side/top. Im sure Art will post in more detail, but that was the jist i got from his FB post.

Art is a stickler for the exact version of things used on Fett so im sure this is a huge deal for him. I myself would love this same one if i had a display of parts that were used for Fett, but for a costume the new release ones look exactly the same in size and shape as far as i can tell.

Again im sure Art will be posting in more detail, and hopefully pics as well.


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I never considered the fact these would be different. However, it seems more of collector item at that point. If it takes that long to find the original I can't fathom chopping up an original

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