Thanks to all of you! BOBA FETT HELMET



Hello Boba Fett fans!

I have to start by saying you all are very inspiring and thank you for posting tips and tricks!

Right before Xmas I started making this when I had time which turned into a (Boba)obsession.I have always been a fan of Star Wars and one of my first toys was a little Kenner Boba figure from the 77' that I have had since I could remember and thats where it started but was not until I made the helmet that it took over lol.being too poor to buy one, I decided to build one from scratch using old Pizza and desert cake boxes and spackling paste.Got paint from a local hobby shop and tried to make it as close as I could to the ESB version (my favorite Boba from 5 & 6 overall)

I plan on making another one after the summer.This time I will make it a little bigger since this one does not fit my big head.(I think I printed to fit page) and would love to use fiberglass and try to make a mold to make more for my friends haha.

You all rock,keep being creative!

Cheers from Canada!

1395443_10152573460536317_5535507294671800902_n.jpg 1506662_10152575542701317_2853278585280848765_n.jpg 10370428_10152621436081317_232899040572795297_n.jpg 10897084_10152637729516317_2253933375268483834_n.jpg 10922849_10152703269291317_403392600445266375_n.jpg 10868086_10152703374216317_1866484894770909388_n.jpg 14069_10152725825681317_1108514754608564650_n.jpg 11112930_10152894618311317_3998021850061559438_n.jpg

However it does fit on smaller heads...just not mine haha

10929965_10152720989431317_5647294937735049127_n (1).jpg




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Well, it is a little small, but from your pics the next one should look great! I wouldn't dream of making my own, so it's really cool to see yall pull it off. Good luck on the next one.....


Thanks syllander! yeah, its just a display piece for me since it was my first :) I didn't even know how far I was going to get lol.


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That looks fantastic. I just can't seem to figure out how to get past the cardboard stage and make it look good.