Thanks everyone ! Son's Fett nearly done.

Well, when my 13 year old son, Erik, came to me after Halloween last and wanted to to be Boba Fett, I thought, "Okay, this should be an interesting project for us to do."

Whoa Nellie ! I thought this would be a simple costume you get at Toys R Us and call it a day. Well, I could never have done it without websites like this, folks like TK409 and good vendors. I made a few mistakes along the way, being ignorant of recasters and such. And we're nearly done except for a bit here and there. I can still remember, one November evening, reading that,"Boba Fett is considered the most detailed and perhaps difficult costume to assemble," and wondering what I had gotten myself into.

So with some gauntlet work left to do, a hose attachment, a few jet pack adjustments, this 14 year old will be looking good for his Halloween expedition. I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to the folks here and to the website administrator. Ultimately, I've looked great in this kid's eyes because of how nicely it's all come together. He's worked to pay for about half of the costume parts, learned sanding and dremelling, and more. More importantly, he's met about three Fett's in the last year. Each one took time to chat with and help him (and me). Good examples all.

And lastly, no, we didn't go with an authentic Fett rifle because it is Halloween and he's still a kid.

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GREAT JOB!!! I'm sure he's happy with his costume :) Going to make him wear it every year now? ;)

In 5 years he can join the 501st ;)

Wow! What an awesome job! I have been making one for my son and I hope it turns out this good when it is done. What did you use for the chest lights? I am still trying to figure that one out (on the cheap).
It looks fantastic!!! I agree on getting the boots real dirty.....the jumpsuit too......don't be afraid, just go nuts and get it dirty :D

Steve (y)
in 4 years i can join the 501st!
but serisously i hope you thought abouth im growing into it...because i always think of that because i am 14...and i have at least 4 more years of yeah..
reminds me of myself at that young age...hahha
Wow, im 15 and all i get from older brother and my dad is grief about the whole Boba Fett thing. That seems so cool that u hlped him out. Anyway, until i can convince my dad to let me spend my cash on my costume, my project is not going anywhere ;( . Anyway, 2 and a half years til i can join 501st... hopefully by then my suit will be up and running :)
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