TF Helmet Painted by hellopike


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so I'm done! Time to start the next part of the costume!

Here's the info if anyone is interested:

Helmet type:Terminal Fettler Cold Cast Aluminum Helmet, helmet no. 1
Paint style: Preproduction ver 2.
Panit method: Combinatino of spray paint and hand painting
Damage: topical

Everything came out nice enough, I think. The only part I goofed up on really was the killstripes. I dunno what I was thinking, but if you look you can see some "damage" where the old stripes were... but I left it there, because whats a few more scratches, right?

Let me know what you think,

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I'm not one to just chime in to blow sunshine up your... nose, but I do have to say that's very well done!!! Good job.



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haha. on the prepro version the RF window is different. So I didn't realize. Consider it fixed.


thanks for the kind words everybody.


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Tidy work. (I actually like the kill stripe damage, nice personal touch). Where did you get the visor and how is it affixed?