Teaser - Webley Flare Gun Blueprints


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!!UPDATE 1-21-05!! Boba Fett / Webley Flare Gun Blueprints


Here is the latest version of the Webley drawings. It still needs to be dimensions. Sorry about the quality something went wrong during in the conversion the final version will be formatted on multiple sheets to show all the details.


I am looking for help. If anyone has or can take pictures of the trigger mechanism removed from the frame and send them on over I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you hansicle ( of the RPF) for providing the pictures and the dimension that has been instrumental in creating accurate drawings.

Please let me know what you think.

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Thanks; Unfortunately they are already obsolete. I managed to spend a couple of hours on them last night and started to assembly the pieces and discovered a number of areas of interference that I had to resolve.

More to come.

Thanks; they still need a lot of work.

I have an old version of AutoCAD, ver 14, but it does what I need it to do. The conversion to a GIF file is done with Paint Shop Pro 8. Some of the sharpness is lost in the process, but this was only a rough draft.

ARGH! Where were you last year, Wizard, when I started on my blaster?! It's nearly complete now.

These will come in handy for version 2!!

Thank you.

After I saw the pictures of the frame I notice that the grip screw did not attach to the frame, which started me thinking about how do you keep the grip and the stock oriented on the frame. After studying the pictures I picked out that the stock plate has an indexing key on the bottom and a keyway slot further up and that the frame had a matching keyway and pin. I also asked a few questions, which help clarify that there were also 2 indexing pins on the grip side of the frame. As it turns out the upper pin is the pivot point for part of the trigger mechanism, which I am still trying to figure out.

So, if anyone has any information or pictures on the trigger mechanism please let me know


P.S. I really like the new board feature at the bottom of the page that identifies similar threads, very handy
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Anyway you could add a little scale to this drawing? I really want to use this to scratch build a blaster, but I need to be able to chop the drawing into printable pieces. A scale would allow me to, well, scale my printouts correctly!


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