take the heat out :) ....

secol FETT

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i have this idea to get more room inside the helmet, maybe instalin a fan into the jet pack and with one or two hoses extract the heat from the helmet, is just an idea, but maybe its work :) what do ya think
Smart man! I would have never thought of that!

I just might try it today, I have some extra CPU fan's lying around and some tubing.
What about blowing cool from the jet pack into the helmet?
You could use dry ice, drop on some water and let the fog roll out the jets of your pack.

Just a thought.
I've been planning on putting fans in my jet pack and blowing the air into the helmet for about a year now. And now that my pack is done I just have to install the system.

but try to take the heat and not put cold air into the helmet or you can get the flu, or star with headhec and yadda yadda
imagine that, your cold head, and take off the helmet on a warm site ... the FLU appear instantly and that's not good.
just a thought
I was thinking of running 1 with air going in and one with air going out. With the air going out tube down around the vent in the bottom of the pack. I'll be sure to let you know if it works or not.

actually, you could have a pretty large fan in the JP, so you could have a much larger volume of fresh air coming up to the bucket, which would produce more air movement than the small cpu fans that just fit inside the bucket. you wouldn't necessarily have to use dry ice or anything to cool the air, just the larger amount of air moving around should greatly increase cooling. I suppose one problem with moving a large volume of air around would be that it would make hearing more difficult though. The one line in aand one line out, or "intake & exhaust" idea sounds really interesting too, this really sounds like a project worth looking into or pursiung!!
I wouldn't worry about the flu Secol. Unless someone coughs into your intake in the jet pack who has it. Then your screwed. Anbody finish the camel back idea that was tossed around a while back?
This is my DP Deluxe recast helmet.



At the left is the battery holder strap, in the middle the 9V battery connector, which should be loose, and at the right the on/off switch.

The CPU fan is installed in the forehead area, with a wire running from there, thru the "headband" area, and then going down by the earpiece area where you install the on/off switch, and then to the back so you could glue the battery connector/strap piece. All I used was a hot melt glue gun. If you want to go the extra mile, you could buy these cable tubing, and just glue the tubing around, but depends on how much space you have avaliable inside, but it looks cool.

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