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My rubies jango came so now i can convert him to boba! --> anyway, the visor is kinda poop as you can see the face of whoever is wearing it through it. Can i get a better one from somewhere? I know i have to remove it anyway to paint it so i may as well put a really really good one in. I would like one you cant see into, Anywhere i can get a good one from? Pref in the uk. Thanks
Gotta agree, had 2 visors off Daz (just so happens I got one in the post this morning) great price and quality and super fast shipping.;)

Tool shops and safety shops sell replacement safety shields a rather cheap price, they are clear but you can use some limo black tinting strip on it (y).
just a another option for you :)

:jet pack
Some hardware stores also sell tinted replacement visors. They're a really dark green color. I think they're replacements for grind shield masks. They work really well. However I've heard nothing but good things about bobamaker, as your in the UK, I'd just get one from him.
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