Symbols for Shoulder Bell

Eht Eno

Hello everyone,,

My armor is coming along well. I'm woking on the othe shoulder bell symbol. I was wondering if nayone knows where I could get a symbol for planets such as each state having there own flags.


padawan_schlicher wrote:

Pod Race Flags? maybe? Just a thought.

Good Idea. But where can I find such things. Seems like most google/ searches send u to the same sights. Mostly (organization) are lil and seldom interesting. I know there are a lot of different organizations but seems as if focuses on only the prominent ones.

any other idea will be welcomed also.
If you are looking on the pod racer flags-- what about the extended pod race scene on the AOTC dvd? I think I remember an extended "walking with the flags" scene.

Just a thought,

good luck,

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